Why the Pacific Northwest?

This region understands water challenges and has the assets, tools and community to solve them.

The Pacific Northwest is a Microcosm of Global Water Challenges

Throughout the world, communities are facing water challenges: too much or too little water, and often at the wrong time; pollution from industry, farming, and urban centers; habitat loss and
deterioration; and limited supply to support growth. The Pacific Northwest is well-versed in these challenges. We are a home to urban and industrial centers, farms dependent on irrigation and transportation, valuable wild seafood harvests from both fresh and marine waters, and the use of hydropower for low-cost electricity. We have  habitats that include coastal rainforests, high desert, irrigated fields of grains and peas, and lowland urban centers, mountain rivers, developed rivers and bays, and  and marine coasts.

Pacific Northwest is anchored in the basins that form the Salish Sea of North America and the Columbia and Snake River Basin.

And Offers a Thriving Innovation Ecosystem

Our region boasts a thriving entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, with global leadership in software, information technology, wireless networks, manufacturing, agriculture, philanthropy, clean energy, and biotech. We are working to make BLUE tech as important
here as clean tech and biotech.

The region is also home to communities that are willing to try new financial, regulatory, and governance tools to implement change. These resources—combined with the intelligence and dedication of a broad range of experts already working to tackle complex water resource problems throughout the region—position the Pacific Northwest to be a global leader in water innovation.

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