WaterLAB is comprised of regional, national, and global water leaders in the industry, government, academic, and nonprofit sectors.

Powerfully Contribute to the New World of Water. 

WaterLAB meets quarterly in the Northwest and by video conference. We are interested in advisory member from all areas of the water ecosystem. We are especially interested in new members with expertise in the following areas:

  • Novel financial models for funding infrastructure, habitat restoration, and technology development
  • Nonprofit growth and sustainability models
  • Effective collaboration structures that can accomplish scalable projects
  • Data platforms for collaborative sharing of large geospatial datasets containing multiple types of data

WaterLab members are leaders in their own practice areas and bring expertise, wisdom, and insight to the discussion of water challenges in the Pacific Northwest and in North American. Through quarterly meetings with PureBlue, they inform our priorities and approaches. We work together to find those places and actions where PureBlue’s leverage can make a difference.

WaterLAB members provide the expertise and leadership for industry-affecting program development, working groups, and priority projects.

WaterLAB members help to overcome institutional gaps and barriers so that clean water innovation and the economy can thrive for a higher standard of living, sustainability and quality of life.

WaterLAB is comprised of leaders advancing innovative water solutions in technology, finance, policy, and partnership for more efficiency, less cost and higher performance outcomes. Members are drawn from industry, research centers, water utilities, education institutions, tribal organizations, non-profits, government, municipal jurisdictions and geographic regions. WaterLab membership is by invitation only. If you are interested, please reach out to us to discuss membership benefits and match with PureBlue mission.

Expand and deepen your network with other thought leaders.

  • Influence water innovation, entrepreneurship, marketplaces, platforms, tools, clusters, and the broader industry.
  • Be the first to discover, receive, and share new impactful solutions and models in finance, partnership, technology, and policy.
  • Enjoy first access to collaborate in projects and opportunities of their WaterLAB colleagues and the PureBlue Community.
  • Receive 5-year membership in the PureBlue Community.

WaterLAB meets in-person and virtually at least quarterly to discuss water related innovation issues. A major priority is to design and articulate a long-term vision for water innovation based on geographic, organizational, challenge, and end user contexts. And to identify the best role for PureBlue within that vision. Representative topics include:

  1. Prioritizing the critical water related issues impacting Puget Sound’s public health, economic vitality, environmental assets and quality of life.
  2. Assessing the economic growth and job creation potential of water innovation, entrepreneurship and market opportunities.
  3. Connecting water research centers to a meaningful commercialization process.
  4. Adjusting the regulatory environment to remove barriers and provide incentives for improved clean water solutions.
  5. Developing the skilled workforce to support developers of water technologies and end-users.
  6. Integrating multiple sources of data on water resources, quality and infrastructure.
  7. Identifying sources of funding including non-traditional and blended financing mechanisms and public-private partnerships.
  8. Addressing public understanding of water challenges and methods of communication, education and outreach.
  9. Collaborating with water clusters outside the Puget Sound Region to minimize duplication, time and cost of solutions

Solving water challenges requires collaborative action.

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