Globally and independently everyone has come to the same conclusion that WE need to conserve, preserve, and manage water at every stage of its life cycle so that water remains every being’s right to enjoy in its pure form. Consciously and subconsciously, we are regularly reminded of the famous slogans “savewater” “pure water” “preserve water”, yet we fail to be effective Water Stewards — contributing to and standing for clean water, habitats, cities, and industries. Why?

This may be because  -

With water depleting faster than we ever imagined, water displacements washing away human and land life, marine life going extinct more than one species at a time, and billions of lives with no water, it is indispensable for each and every one to be a steward of water locally or nationally.  

WE must utilize our voices, unite our resources, become aware,participate, contribute, share and inspire to do what it takes to make a difference - talk about water, run campaigns on water challenges, educate on water innovation, participate in community events, take up water projects, and do anything for water that’s in your realm of possibility.

The #waterfirstmovement calls out local, national and global citizens to join hands in being responsible, generous, and powerful Water Stewards.