Given the broad and deep range of water related issues, and the resources and intel that need to be deployed to address these challenges, #waterfirstmovement recognizes the most effective way of creating a sustainable and resilient water world is to act on one issue, one community, one nation at a time by being the bridge between water issues and solutions.

Water Challenges we target in 2019

The Primary Waters we target in 2019.

Municipal drinking and sewage, storm,agricultural, and industrial waters

Water scarcity, contaminated water runoff, flooding

The Benefitting Water Bodies

Puget Sound, Bay Area, Great Lakes, ChesapeakeBay, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico and innumerable smallerbodies and source waters

Primary Outcomes

Metrics of Success

The Primary Geography we serve in 2019

North America

Reduced runoff pollution in water bodies,increased water recovery and reuse, and increased energy efficiency.

1.     Number of implemented water projects: Resource and support 40 water projects to be implemented in cities, communities, and industries
       -       Increased treatment and reuse of wastewater (from all sources: storm, industry, city), to create"renewal" water for human, agricultural, and industrial purposes, about 100 billion gallons.
         -       Real-time sense/awareness of water quality and quantity across the watershed.

2.    Collaborations and partnerships built: Align an Alliance of 4 regions and 40 organizations across North America working together to implement new water projects. 

3.    Water solutions leaders and teams mentored/educated: Help build innovative water technologies and solutions by mentoring, piloting, and facilitating tools, investments, connections and expertise.

4.     Number of water conscious citizens: To enroll 1 million people, 100 cities, and 50 industrial operations to become water conscious citizens.