The Water First Movement

..Being Water Conscious Citizens

PureBlue envisions a connected water-conscious ‘New World of Water' where people, projects and intelligence co-create sustainable and resilient communities where clean water supports all life.

'Water First Movement' started as a simple idea where individuals, organizations, communities worldwide are being responsive to the delicate balance of water in nature by
-       engaging in water conscious activities, and
-       sharing resources and intel to implement water solutions where they’re needed.

#waterfirstmovement is an initiative that WE can adopt, be accountable to, benefit from, and advance.
It is not our movement; it is a worldwide movement that nobody and everybody owns.

How WE together build the ‘New World of Water’ through the Water First Movement

Globally and independently everyone has come to the same conclusion that WE need to conserve, preserve, and manage water at every stage of its life cycle so that water remains every being’s right to enjoy in its pure form. Read more...

The intricate nature of managing water - from procuring, purifying, supplying, distributing, collecting and treating waste water, safe disposal of used water, and managing storm water - involve numerous stakeholders having different requirements, restrictions, exposure, and support,which leads to silo style work. Read more...

Given the broad and deep range of water related issues, and the resources and intel that need to be deployed to address these challenges, #waterfirstmovement recognizes the most effective way of creating a sustainable and resilient water world is to act on one issue, one community, one nation at a time by being the bridge between water problems and solutions. Read more...

How can you BE a part of #waterfirstmovement
  • Organize and participate in volunteer events, campaigns and community involvement projects, like water field trips, hikes
  • Collaborate and share resources to create, implement, and/or sponsor summits, water projects and related activities
  • Donate money to water projects, campaigns,community events
  • Donate through Amazon by purchasing on and by choosing “Pure Blue”

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On the Ground Work in 2018

Water Quality

Working with two innovative water quality sensors that can detect heavy metals and chemicals at point of entry and point of use to make real time water conscious decisions.

We are finetuning and  expanding their applications across groundwater, industrial waters, mining, rivers,  schools, food & beverage, irrigation, stormwater, public water systems  and more.

Green Infrastructure

Working on an on-site rainwater and stormwater capturing pavement system that has recyclable infiltration chamber and media.

We are mobilizing investments and resources to broaden the implementation of one of the most sustainable and economical permeable pavement solutions to capture cleaner runoff.

Waste Water Treatment

Working on MicrobialFuel Cell technology that provides aerobic treatment while generating electricity.

We are mentoring the entrepreneurial team in iterating and piloting the energy positive innovation to scale into industrial, municipal, food & beverage applications.

Utility Operations

Working on an operational intelligence platform that can empower utility operators with real-time decision making when controlling critical processes.

We are connecting right resources to enable the next generation digital solution to expand itsapplications in PNW and beyond.

Other Water Solutions

We are working with water solutions including Steam system energy optimization, Stormwater and wastewater  streamlining system and more.

Collaborations and Partnerships

We are building continuous working relationship with 2 water clusters, 15 investors, 25 mentors.

On-going fruitful discussions with 15+municipalities, 30+ water and wastewater treatment facilities, 10+ associations,20+ investment firms, 6 accelerators, 4 water clusters, and more

Learn more about water innovations and projects implemented at Aqualyst.

Solving water challenges requires collaborative action.

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