Vision. Mission. Values.

Water flows through every aspect of our lives and our communities. It drives economic and social health; it supports the ecosystem in which we live, work and play.

We envision The New World of Water where innovation and collaboration expand the resiliency of the water ecosystem, enabling life, industries and communities to thrive.

Our Mission is to forge the tools and partnerships that create The New World of Water.

The Need & Opportunity

The key players (i.e., regulators, municipalities, industrial and agricultural users, environmental advocates) each face institutional constraints that hamper their ability to address water problems outside their immediate organizational roles. The solution is often the formation of large collaborative groups without the authority and tools to implement specific projects. Frequently they lack the focused, nimble structures to implement projects in a timely, cost-effective manner and to adapt to real-time change. 


The majority of the money allocated to water issues goes through existing regulatory agencies and municipal governments because they have the systems to accomplish projects; however, many of them also have well-defined missions that place some needed projects outside of their key organizational priorities. 


Key collaboration tools are missing, which hampers decision making and the core understanding needed to identify, design and implement resilient and timely solutions. Data, documents, and studies need to be easy to locate and access, readily available to inform decisions, new studies and other projects. Information needs to be presented in concise, transparent formats that invite speculation. Collaborative, informed discussions need to travel with the information to keep it both current and real

Why PureBlue?

Often, organizations within the water sector are structured to focus their efforts on a specific area of water (e.g., stormwater, wastewater), geographic location, or role (e.g., regulator, provider). Because PureBlue is structured as a mission-driven 501c3, we are able to take a more holistic look at the water sector and build collaborative tools. We are uniquely positioned to work across jurisdictions, organizations and institutions to:  


Identify & prioritize water problems


Gather & collaborate with diverse partners to tackle the problems head-on


Catalyze innovations in all areas of water

Because we can see and work within the entire water resource management system, we can help to align and integrate partners, capabilities, assets and solutions throughout the water innovation ecosystem, especially where there are gaps, barriers or needed bridges. 

We build purpose-based collaborations within the water innovation ecosystem and among regions to solve priority problems. Sometimes this involves the introduction of innovation technology, policy, or financial tools to address problems directly; sometimes this means bringing new tools for data, information, idea-sharing and visualization. It’s all about finding the best solutions, building bridges and removing barriers to their implementation.

How is PureBlue Funded?

Our initial funding came from a three-year U.S. Economic Development Agency grant focused on the formation of water clusters across the US and through a combination of private donations of time, money and resources from experts around the country.

Solving water challenges requires collaborative action.

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