Executive Director

Ryan Vogel

Founder and Executive Director, Ryan Vogel, a graduate of University of Washington’s Michael G. Foster School of Business brings a lifetime education of entrepreneurship and leadership to Pure Blue. Featured in Forbes 30 under 30, High Country News’ 10 People under 30 Changing the West, and nominated for Geekwire’s 2015 Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Alliance Chair

Egils Milbergs

Egils Milbergs is a noted thought leader and strategist on innovation, technology commercialization, and competitiveness. Egils is a Harvard graduate with 25+ years’ experience managing multi-stakeholder competitiveness and innovation initiatives. He is the Founder and President of the Center for Accelerating Innovation, former Executive Director of the WA Economic Development Commission, and Advisor for the WA Business Alliance.

Aqualyst Program Manager

Marielle Larson

Marielle is a change management and social innovation strategists, who's passionate about water scarcity. Marielle previously managed the XPRIZE Foundation's crowd sourced prize-design program, Visioneers, designing prize competitions to tackle society's Grand Challenges.  As an XPRIZE Fellow, Marielle also designed a prize competition to incentivize decentralized water reuse and real-time water quality data. Prior to XPRIZE, Marielle was a Federal consultant at Deloitte where she founded a community of social intrapreneurs.

Stefano Mazilli

Stefano is a technical leader in water pollution and resource planning, assisting governments, institutions and NGOs to adopt and apply new technologies for improved decision making. Over the last 20 years, Stefano has worked with various UN agencies internationally and world class research institutions and government bodies in the USA and Australia. Stefano holds advanced degrees in biogeochemistry and hydrodynamic monitoring and modeling, and has been recognized for his stakeholder-centered approach in identifying opportunities, and bridging technology teams and end-users.


KC Compton

KC is a communications specialist, writer, editor and manager with significant experience in daily newspapers, consumer magazines, B2B publications, media companies and nonprofits. As senior editor for Mother Earth News magazine — the Mother of all sustainability publications globally since 1970 — her focus was on natural health and the environment. After many years drawing attention to problems of ecology and resource use, she is happy to be working with PureBlue in providing solutions and innovation, and in building a dynamic community that can solve big problems by drawing on shared strengths and commitment.   

Leenaja Valleru

Leenaja is an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys taking up new challenges while wearing multiple hats, working with teams in delivering solutions, and connecting with people. She ran 2 startups in Ecommerce and in Web Media, responsible for planning and executing the business and product strategy from inception to reality. Her experiences reemphasized her belief that “Only a life lived for others is lived worthwhile”, and has committed herself to work for philanthropy, children well-being, and environment sustainability causes.

Solving water challenges requires collaborative action.

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