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All Hands On Deck for the New World of Water

January 22, 2019
Photo by Ricky Nathaniel, Courtesy of Wiki Commons
By Ryan Vogel

As the critical nature of water resource quality and quantity become increasingly apparent, the importance of keeping current on emerging technologies and operational best-practices has never been more important. Solutions for effective integrated water-resources management are springing up everywhere, and intriguing new solutions are being developed and tested worldwide.

However, these efforts are often redundant and/or competitive — and networks can often be stingy with their communication. Water’s next frontier requires allied multi-regional networks that openly share data, resources and knowledge; programs and projects that integrate and leverage the unique strength and intelligence of willing regions and innovative organizations; and decision-making tools that equip end users, partners, innovators and funders to more efficiently serve their stakeholders and accomplish their individual missions.

The cumulative success of these world-wide water-related solution missions collectively will transform our planet and create a New World of Water, the likes of which Earth has never seen.

Helping cause this transformation PureBlue's reason to exist. The better we support your mission and the more we share the stories of innovation throughout the water space, the sooner we will realize our shared vision of viable water management for all.

When We Say

* When we say water, we are talking about all water — drinking, municipal waste, industrial waste, storm, river, sea and ground waters: it is one water. 

* When we say pure, we mean water that serves the highest performance of the human, animal, ecosystem, process or machinery requiring the water.  

* When we say innovation we mean technology, finance, collaboration, data and policy. 

* When we think “water solutions,” we think comprehensively: technologies, products, services, business models, funding mechanisms, and multi-sector collaborative resource management strategies.

All these forms and means of innovation are essential to transform the way water-resource management works.

Why are we here?

PureBlue exists to catalyze and streamline the development and scaled implementation of water solutions.

PureBlue Ripples is our new quarterly newsletter that will serve:

* To equip you with news you can use, to keep you informed of and connected to the latest water-industry trends, technologies, problems, solutions, studies, regulations, companies, initiatives, funding opportunities and other resources.

* To update you about the PureBlue Community, Aqualyst: The Water Innovation Accelerator; and events, meetings and key partnerships.

* To invite you and your network to participate in key water projects in your region, attend PureBlue Community and Aqualyst events (roundtables, conferences, water company/facility site tours, and demo days), mentor early and mid-stage water companies, and invest in rising stars already vetted by leading water industry entrepreneurs and technologists.

* To amplify what you do through our news articles and newsletters.

News of the Water Community

We welcome organizations and entities with an active role and stake in water to join the Water Innovation Community by becoming a PureBlue member. Throughout 2018 we are committed to learning about your organization’s challenges, needs, existing and developing solutions, available resources and offerings relating to water infrastructure, data, technology, finance, or communication. To rapidly grow our community, we are making membership free while we define how best to serve you, connect with you, amplify your voice, magnify your impact and collaboratively solve regional and national water issues.

The PureBlue team believes bottom-up, project-based, multi-sector, collaborative solution development and implementation is the most effective strategy to address water issues, from local to global. The larger the scale of the problem, the more vital all-sector (.com, .org, .gov, and .edu) collaboration becomes. Creating those connections is the primary purpose of the PureBlue Community.

Aqualyst News
We have selected our 2018 Aqualyst cohort of early-stage water companies with transformative technologies to address our nation's pressing water and wastewater challenges. We are seeking mission-aligned sponsors, mentors and investors. Please contact Ryan@PureBlue.org.

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