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As part of the "Water First Movement", please donate to help create the ‘new world of water’ where each one of us come together in creating sustainable cities, communities, and industries so that clean water supports all life.  

The United States and North America--we—must upgrade our water management infrastructure, systems, and technologies. The delicate balance of water in nature is being threatened by our contaminated water runoff, and mismanaged water and wastewaters from cities and industries. Puget Sound Orca Whales and Chinook Salmon are among the species killed by dated water management systems. 

With your empowering donations, 
We educate and mentor new water leaders and teams – Donate $25 
We connect cities and industries with water challenges to sustainable solutions – Donate $100 
We deploy technologies and teams – Donate $250  

To help implement projects in clean drinking water supply – Donate $500 
To help implement projects in wastewater treatment + reuse from cities and industries – Donate $1000 
To help implement projects for restoration of rivers and lakes – Donate $2500 

There are many additional ways you and your friends can support the Water First Movement! Send us a message to to learn how you can share the movement, host water awareness events in your city, inform your elected officials, and contribute to regional on-the-ground water projects.

Pure Blue is an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, EIN 47-4032487.

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