Aqualyst Cohort 2 Launch

August 8 from 4:00-6:30pm PT
Ever wish you had real-time water quality data? Do you dream about energy-generating wastewater treatment? Are you an advocate for smarter, more resilient, and integrated water systems? Then we've got the vent for you! Connect with our 7 teams of bold innovators and diverse water innovation community leaders from across the region. At the very least you'll walk away with a full belly and a new vision for what's possible for water in the Pacific Northwest.


Your Individualized Catalyst

Aqualyst is a business and technology catalyst, providing customized services that spark and streamline high-impact water technology innovation. We collaborate with early to mid-stage companies to understand your unique needs and accelerate your growth via pilots, sales, and licenses with less capital, time, energy and risk.

We’ve hand-selected a trusted network of advisors, investors and resources to drive water tech business development in the Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID, MT, BC, Alberta) and nationally.

Check out more on the Pacific Northwest's unique water innovation ecosystem.

Two Pathways to Catalyze Your Growth
Growing your business, and just need support in 1-2 areas?

Leverage PureBlue’s expertise and network for short-term, targeted projects in any of the following areas:

Business Development (e.g., sales, licenses)
Partnership Development
Funding Development
Intellectual Property & Legal Strategy
Technology & Product Development
Looking for a more robust and ongoing catalyst to your growth?

Tap into the wisdom of water pioneers and our network of
industry-leading customers, pilot sites, manufacturers and channels-to-market with Aqualyst.
Customized support across all our services (listed under Aqualyst a la carte).
18-Month Collaboration & Lifetime Access
  • Free booth space in the Innovation Pavilion at WEFTEC, the world’s largest water exhibition.
  • Lifetime access to PureBlue’s strategic support and constantly expanding network.
  • Focused 14-week collaboration and strategic advise from industry pioneers for another year.

Our 14-week Timeline



To explore either Aqualyst or Aqualyst A La Carte email our Program Manager, Marielle at

Collaborate with Industry Pioneers

Collaborate with industry pioneers who have invented cutting-edge technologies, commercialized 40+ new products, navigated global licensing agreements and launched internationally renowned companies spanning the water sector and diverse industries.

Just to Give You a Taste
Dave Paulson
Teri A. Floyd
Craig Doberstein
Randy Truby

Interested in potentially serving as a mentor? Email our Program Manager, Marielle at

Our 14-week Timeline


Explore Aqualyst

Aqualyst is designed to accelerate your growth, not distract from it. That’s why Aqualyst is customized to you, predominantly virtual, and provides ongoing support after the foundational 14-weeks. 

Explore the tabs below, for additional insight and if you have more detailed questions please don't hesitate to email our Program Manager Marielle at

Aqualyst Code of Conduct

Aqualyst collaborates with innovative early to mid-stage water companies spanning the water sector from drinking water to stormwater to wastewater and beyond.

Just to Give You a Taste
Commercial company expanding into a new industry, the U.S., or the Pacific Northwest
Start-up looking to accelerate your growth
Established company launching a new technology or spin-off

Want More Information? 
PureBlue is constantly building our water innovation network and resources, so in addition to Aqualyst there may be other ways we can help catalyze your growth. Email our Program Manager, Marielle at and we’d be thrilled to connect!

Aqualyst's core 14-week program is designed to catalyze your growth, while also giving you the flexibility to continue actively managing your company.

In-Person | Seattle/Tacoma
  • Collaborate
    with industry experts in hands-on workshops
  • Refine and challenge your business strategy
  • Define individualized objectives for the core program (e.g., pilots, investment,licenses, etc.)
  • Select your personal advisor from our network of industry pioneers
  • Tackle your thorny challenges and co-create opportunities during weekly advisor meetings 
  • Learn from Aqualyst alumni and other companies in the Cohort
  • Leverage Aqualyst’s network of industry-leading water entrepreneurs, customers, pilot sites, manufacturers, etc.
In-Person | New Orleans
Aqualyst will feature you and your company at WEFTEC, the world’s largest water exhibition.
Continue to tackle challenges, collaborate with your advisor and leverage PureBlue’s Network 

Last Week:
  • Wrap-up your individualized objectives (e.g., pilots, sales)
  • Refine key priorities and a roadmap for the next 6 months

Aqualyst partners with you to ensure both your immediate and long-term success:

No Upfront Cost & Pay for Success

There’s no overhead cost to participate. Aqualyst only receives a small success share of projects we generate and help you close.

Aligned Incentives

Equity is a powerful tool for aligning incentives. Accordingly, we are committed to your growth and success for your company's entire lifetime.

Lifelong Access

Welcome to the PureBlue family!
As family, you have lifetime access to our network and support.

Our initial application for Cohort 2 closes April 30. The selection process is competitive, but the initial application is relatively quick (about 2 hours). We know you're busy running and growing your business!

Here's what you can expect for the application process overall:


We're seeking mindful entrepreneurs and transformative technologies.
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