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Catalyzing Innovation. Connecting Leaders. Equipping Professionals.

We speak of change and opportunity.

Despite good work by dedicated professionals throughout the water space, water and wastewater management efforts often lack long-term viability. Pollution, scarcity, political conflict and economic distress plague both the developed and developing worlds. Because water is the resource central to all life and vitality, it must be kept available to all through innovation and collaboration. 

Change is occurring, and where change occurs, opportunity flourishes. Separated by geography, scattered by discipline and plagued by a lack of time, our members need efficient platforms to see solutions that are working, to hear about the larger context driving water and economic opportunities, and to learn from each other how to build the resilient communities that we need.       

By concentrating on technology, connection, education and communication, we can work together to transform lives, communities and economies locally and globally. Please join us in catalyzing innovation, connecting our leaders and ideas, and equipping our managers with the tools needed to create The New World of Water. 

This is the New World of Water.


PureBlue is uniquely positioned to collaborate with partners in the water space to bring forward innovative, impactful solutions. Structured as a mission-driven 501c3 entity, we are uniquely positioned to work across jurisdictions, organizations, and institutions.

We are building the New World of Water by:

  • Catalyzing Innovation | We catalyze innovation in water technology, finance, policy, and collaboration so society has the tools needed to address our evolving water challenges
  • Connecting Leaders | We connect leaders across physical and social boundaries so we can manage water more wisely and efficiently
  • Equipping Professionals | We equip both the current and next generation of water professionals with the tools, knowledge, and connections to build the New World of Water

Check out our Toolbox for some of the ways we're currently Catalyzing Innovation, Connecting Leaders, and Equipping Professionals.

PureBlue is anchored in the Pacific Northwest with global partnerships through an international network of water innovation clusters.

The Toolbox


Catalyze your growth as an early or mid-stage water company. Tap into the wisdom of our industry pioneers.

PureBlue Solve

Sourcing, vetting, and connecting you to highly specialized technology recommendations. Find the best-solution, faster.

Water LAB

Connecting leaders across the industry, government, academic, and nonprofit sectors to
 to identify and solve water problems.

Water LAB

Connecting leaders across the industry, government, academic, and nonprofit sectors to
 to identify and solve water problems.

Creating the new world of water requires partnership. 

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